How the TONE PROGRAM rises above the competition.

How the TONE PROGRAM rises above the competition.

Bang For You Buckl

Get the Most Bang for Your Buck!

3 days a week, if done correctly, can get you some serious results. We prioritize all the most crucial aspects of the Bikini program and condense it down for you busy women out there that can only commit to 3 days a week for training.

Proud Women

A Body to Be Proud Of

Focusing on being bikini ready and fit only during portions of the year isn’t what we’re all about. We want you to be fit, healthy, and happy year round. By changing the exercises and protocols in this program depending on the time of year, you are able to continue on for as long as you’d like without getting bored, hitting plateaus, or overtraining.

Who is the TONE program for?

  • Someone who wants to get the most out of their training, but can’t make it to the gym 6 days a week. This is a 3 day a week program
  • Anyone looking to shed body fat and get lean
  • Perfect for all women looking to get in better shape
  • Your nutrition on this program will be tailored to your body goals
  • This is a year round program

What We Provide



Progressive training designed to build size and muscle.



Educated industry leaders committed to your results.



Flexible diet plans to compliment how you like to eat.



Facebook Group dedicated to motivating, educating and inspiring progress.



Assessment and correction trainers to help maximize your results.



Internal strength, diet and health challenges.